About PLANWake

Wake County has a done a lot right to grow jobs and build a vibrant community. Now, more and more people are moving here. In fact, 63 new people call Wake County their home every day! As we grow, residents are starting to see changes too—in our schools, how we get around, where we work and the jobs that are available to us, and in the way our neighborhoods and centers look and feel. To ensure future growth is accommodated in a responsible way, the county is embarking on a community-wide planning effort, PLANWake.

PLANWake is a process to assess the big questions, renew the community’s vision and goals on a range of issues, and outline a path to success for the coming decade.

PLANWake involves taking a thoughtful look at Wake County’s major challenges and opportunities and working together to develop a strong vision that represents our diverse values. The process will result in a new comprehensive plan with high-level policies that help guide actions and decision-making addressing critical issues that impact our daily lives. The seven key principles that guide the PLANWake process  are listed below.

PLANWake's Seven Key Principles

  • Our Regional and Local Assets, Particularly Our Quality of Life, Will Continue to Drive Growth in Wake

    Wake County continues to be one of the fastest growing counties nationally. Our quality of life and community assets have both helped to spur this growth and have benefited from it. Wake County’s  future depends on how we plan for and respond to challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

  • Wake County Has a History of Working with Municipalities to Plan for Change

    Wake County has a history of working in partnership with its communities to guide growth and public investments , providing a framework for growth and change that allows each community to set their own unique vision.

  • PLANWake is an Opportunity to Renew the Vision for Wake County

    PLANWake will build on its historic planning foundations through the development of a new community plan that achieves high level policy direction to guide decision-making and set priority operational initiatives for Wake County.

  • PLANWake Will Be Wake County’s Policy and Action Guide for Decision-Makers

    Through partnership efforts with its 12 municipalities and regional partners, Wake County has an opportunity to focus not only on areas where it has direct jurisdiction in the unincorporated areas, but also to foster a vision for the entirety of Wake County.

  • Resident Responses to Critical Community Questions Will Be the Foundation for PLANWake

    Public engagement efforts will guide direction of the planning process and ultimately plan vision and implementation. A broad diversity of perspectives will be heard and considered to build a common understanding of Wake’s future direction. The process will include four key public engagement milestones: setting policy priorities, evaluating policy options, testing growth alternatives, and commenting on the draft plan. The process will provide clear linkages between these milestones for easy tracking.

  • PLANWake Will Build on Recent Planning Efforts and Focus on Potential Areas of Change

    PLANWake will build off the foundation of recently established planning efforts – Wake Transit, Wake Affordable Housing Plan, Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan – and fold this policy direction into the new comprehensive plan. This will allow for strategic focus on testing policy options for land use planning, growth management and annexation, transportation, economic development, planning for resiliency and natural resource protection, historic preservation, utilities and other planning topics that are in need of updating.

  • PLANWake Will Consider the Long-Term and Focus on Achievable Actions for the Next 10 Years

    This process will consider the long range future of the County; and it will be developed to support a strategic implementation timeframe, focusing on implementation efforts for the next 10 years.

PLANWake Timeline

Who is Involved in the Planning Process?


Wake County Office Building

336 Fayetteville St.

Raleigh, NC 27601

(p) 919-856-6310

(e) planwake@wakegov.com

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  • Wake County Residents

    Residents will provide a broad diversity of perspectives during this process and will participate in creating a shared understanding for future Wake County.

  • Stakeholder Groups

    Community stakeholders that represent an array of community interests will have multiple opportunities to engage during the process.

  • PLANWake Advisory Group

    This intentionally diverse and representative group serves as a sounding board for PLANWake policy direction throughout the process.

  • Wake County Board of County Commissioners

    The Commissioners will receive project updates throughout the process and ultimately adopt and implement the plan.

  • Wake County Planning Board

    The Wake County Planning Board will receive project updates throughout the process, advise on plan development, and recommend adoption by the Board of Commissioners.

  • Interjurisdictional Technical Working Group

    Municipal planning partners provide expertise in local development, utility, open space, transportation, and sustainability issues and coordinate with county planners on the future of Wake County.

  • PLANWake Project Team

    Wake County staff and consultants guide and facilitate the process and share planning knowledge and best practices.